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Chas Video Converter is a minimalist, easy and fast video and audio converter for desktop, designed for all type of users. Convert almost any type of video or audio file to common formats such as MP4, MOV or MKV to enjoy them on your favorite devices.

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Useful video features

Despite the minimalist design of this application, some advanced features are provided for those who are more "techy".

Media analyzer

Are you curious about what format and codecs where used in a video file? import it in the app and discover relevant information.

Custom ouputs

Adjust the output parameters of your media file to get the perfect result. But remember, you can always use predefined presets.

Sample extraction

Preview a few seconds of your output before waiting for the whole conversion (to realize afterwards that it was wrong!).

Preset editor

Use the default presets provided in the app to fulfill your general needs or create your own ones for more specific outputs.

Batch processor

Process long queues of video or audio files at once. You can set more than one simultaneous conversion to run it even faster.

Folder Watcher

Automate your conversion workflows monitoring certain folders and dynamically converting all medias in them.

Dark & Light mode

People tend to use the dark mode if it's available, but who knows?...
Choose your favorite theme and feel comfortable working with your media files :D

Chas Video Converter is available in both dark and light mode. There's a laptop showing both themes.

Accepted Formats & Codecs

There are a lot of formats and codecs in the market and the combinations are endless. This application offers a wide range of output formats so you can prepare your videos for your favorite devices.

Input formats

Practically any video or audio format.

Output formats

The next table shows the format/codec combinations you can use as output for your files.

Format Video Codecs Audio Codecs
MP4 h264, h265, mpeg2, mpeg4 aac, mp3, Dolby Digital
MKV h264, h265, mpeg2, mpeg4, ProRes aac, mp3, Dolby Digital, pcm
MOV h264, h265, mpeg2, mpeg4, ProRes aac, mp3, Dolby Digital, pcm
OGG Theora vorbis, opus, flac
WEBM vp8, vp9 vorbis, opus
WAV --- pcm
MP3 --- mp3
FLAC --- flac

Quick conversion tips

Here are some actions this app can help you with:

Extract audio from a video

Select an audio preset as MP3 or WAV and extract the audio track of a video in few seconds.

Export video for the web

Easily export video to MP4, WEBM and OGG formats at once.

Test your output

Export a 5 seconds sample to make tests in your target device before performing the whole conversion.

Use MP4 when in doubt

MP4 is the most common format for digital video and the default option in this app.

Cut your video

Set the start and end points of your video and cut it; you even got an option to do it without re-encoding!.

Deinterlace video

One of the most annoying things in web videos is the interlaced effect. Avoid it easily with a filter.


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The project

This has been a project developed during several months in my free time. I really wanted to make something for the community of developers and video producers.


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